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Faster, quieter, more energy efficient. Smooth elevators use VLT® Lift Drives.

New lifting machinery and a Danfoss VLT® Lift Drive specially optimised for elevators took the agony out of unstable elevator operation, replacing it with a quiet, comfortable ride in two-story senior residence.

— Tuesday, 09 September 2014 By Danfoss Power Electronics A/S

The hydraulic Schindler elevator that moves the elderly inhabitants between floors was installed in 1989 and is the only one in the residence. After years of use, it eventually began to show its age. Regular stops during periods of heavy use due to high oil temperatures, which demanded forced ventilation, turned what should have been a comfortable ride for the senior citizens to an unstable and noisy experience. Something had to be done.

In cooperation with long-time partner and drives supplier, Danfoss, IBA Lift Components embarked in 2010 on a comprehensive upgrade of the aging elevator. A Danfoss VLT® Lift Drive LD 302 with optimised software for operating hydraulic lifts was installed together with a new aggregate. The lift system and cabin remained the same as always.

“Danfoss frequency converters are known as one of the most innovative and reliable drives worldwide. The outstanding Danfoss quality standards make this drive perfect for the elevator market,” says Mr. Detlev Abraham, CEO at IBA.

Furthermore, the fact that new VLT® drive uses Danfoss patented technology, which enables it to function contactor-free, has almost made the elevator silent, something also made possible by being able to without forced ventilation of the hydraulics due to high oil temperature.

“With the LiftDrive LD302 we are able to turn an aged hydraulic lift drive to a modern, energy saving lift with good riding comfort. It is an optimal drive for modernisation as well as for new applications,” concludes Mr. Abraham.




The VLT® Lift Drive is built on the same technology platform as the VLT® AutomationDrive and has been adapted to the conditions of lift control, providing reliable operation, easy adjustment and a comfortable elevator ride.




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